The pride of Hooghly River, Vidyasagar Setu suspension bridge, Kolkata

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After India's Independence, commercial activity and population all over India increased rapidly. At that time there was only one Bridge in WestBengal, the Howrah Bridge, which acted as one major link connecting Howrah and Kolkata. The bridge was simply overburdened with tremendous traffic; it was then decided to build a second bridge over the Hooghly River and to make a 2nd link to Howrah. Thus the idea of Vidyasagar Setu suspension bridge was born. This bridge is named after the 19th Century Bengali Educationalist Reformer of Bengal PanditIshwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Thus it is also called as Vidyasagar Setu.Supported by 121 wire cables and covering a span of 457 meters, this bridge is truly a visual delight. A magnificent structure, resting beautifully in your living room is what will make heads turn!
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