20th Century Locomotive Steam Engine, amongst the woods

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The history of modern train industry started with the appearance of first steam engines, which enabled human race, for the first time, to transport goods and people using fast, reliable and cheap alternative that sparked new life in the industrial revolution, human expansion and global economy. With great focus on railways and locomotive designs, countless inventors focused their careers on improving and developing trains.In 1814, the first successful steam engine locomotive was built by the British Engineer George Stephenson called Blücher, which could haul up to 30 tons of coal at 4mph going uphill. Later in 1825, Stephenson also created the first public railway for steam locomotives. Originally built to haul slate and other minerals out of the mountains, these trains and tracks are now a wonderful way for visitors to admire the scenery, which is breathtaking. This frame will take you to an excursion, from the comforts of your home!


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