A 1955 Milestone, Piaggio Vespa 150GS

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Post World War II Italy had its aircraft industry severely restricted in both capability and capacity.Italy's crippled economy and the disastrous state of the roads did not assist in the re-development of the automobile markets. Enrico Piaggio, the son of Piaggio's founder Rinaldo Piaggio, decided to leave the aeronautical field in order to address Italy's urgent need for a modern and affordable mode of transportation for the masses and that is how Vespa’s design came into picture.The 150 GS was a milestone in the history of the scooter, not only for Vespa but for the market as a whole. It's remembered as the most beautiful scooter ever produced in the world and is now highly sort after. In the '50s the market also changed and Vespa became a symbol for young people to distinguish them. For the first time a vehicle for the mass market was created with a quieter engine and breathtaking performance.For all the vehicle lovers out there, this classic capture will be one of astounding beauty.
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